“Metacognitive Therapy for Anxiety and Depression by Adrian Wells

"Metacognitive Therapy for Anxiety and Depression"

by Adrian Wells

The Metacognitive therapy institute (MCT-I) is an international mental health company founded by leading experts in the field of metacognitive therapy (MCT) and cognitive therapy (CBT). The company's director and head office is based in Manchester, UK.The other branch is established in Trondheim, Norway.

The main purpose of the company is to develop and disseminate effective psychological treatments to people suffering from psychological disorders. We also develop and provide resources for mental health workers and therapists and offer training workshops to develop high competency skills as protocol therapists in MCT and CBT. We aim to develop a network of MCT-I certified clinicians who are competent MCT practitioners and able to deliver effective treatment to patients with anxiety disorders, trauma, depression and personality disorders. MCT is a regulated therapy and should only be delivered by an MCT-I registered therapists. See our registered therapists page to find an MCT-I registered therapist near you.

The MCT-institute works in accordance with the guidelines and ethical codes of the health authorities in the UK and EU in research and treatment. Only cognitive oriented treatments that are evidence-based for the various mental health disorders are supervised and disseminated. 

MCT is an effective and regulated evidence based psychotherapy. It requires standardised professional training to become an MCT Institute registered therapist. To find a registered therapist see our registered therapist page.