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The Metacognitive Therapy Institute® (MCTI®) is an international mental health company whose mission is to study, educate in, and safe-guard the correct delivery of metacognitive therapy (MCT). The company was founded and is run by Professor Adrian Wells (originator of MCT) and by Professor Hans M Nordahl, both of whom are clinical psychologists and university professors.  

MCT is a highly effective evidence-based treatment for a range of mental health issues, including anxiety, trauma and depression. Due to its novelty and effectiveness there is a growing demand for training and treatment in this method. This has led to a number of practitioners and trainers offering MCT courses and treatment who have not completed MCTI® recognised training. To make matters worse some do not have a professional health qualification either. We consider this unacceptable and therefore recommend accessing training or treatment through MCTI® channels in order to be confident of the method. On this website you will find links to training, MCTI® registered therapists and other useful resources.  

The MCT-institute works in accordance with the guidelines and ethical codes of the health authorities in the UK and EU in research and treatment. Only cognitive oriented treatments that are evidence-based for the various mental health disorders are supervised and disseminated.

Metacognitive Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

by Professor Adrian Wells

MCT is an effective and regulated evidence based psychotherapy. It requires standardised professional training to become an MCT Institute registered therapist. To find a registered therapist see our registered therapist page.


Attention Training Technique (ATT) is a specific treatment technique developed by Wells (1990) for use in metacognitive therapy. Whilst this technique was originally developed to be a component of treatment, experimental studies have suggested that it can in some instances have significant beneficial effects on anxiety and depression when practiced in its own right. However, we recommend that ATT is used in the context of a full metacognitive therapy treatment package for optimal effects.

Identifying Psychological Problems

The most reliable and objective way of determining the nature and cause of symptoms is through a complete diagnostic assessment. The first visit should be to the family doctor. There are many medical conditions that can give rise to depression, anxiety-like or other psychological symptoms and it is important to rule-out medical or biological causes before exploring a psychological explanation. Some medical conditions require urgent specialist treatment.

Latest News

New MCT International Masterclass

Have you been interested in becoming and MCTI Registered Therapist? Now is your chance! The next cohort for our International Masterclass has launched. Check out the details below or head over to out Masterclass page for details.

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