New study on Metacognition and OCD Symptoms in Psychosis!

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Very interesting article on the role of metacognition and obsessive-compulsive symptoms in psychosis. A recent study by Hagen, Solem, Opstad, Hansen & Hagen (2017) evaluated if metacognition and symptoms of OCD were related to symptoms of psychosis. The authors hypothesized that metacognitions would be significantly related to symptoms of psychological distress and that there would be considerable overlap between symptoms of psychosis and OCD. They found that there was a strong positive correlation between symptoms of OCD and symptoms of psychosis even after controlling for psychological distress, and that metacognitions were correlated with all symptom measures. Further to this Hagen et al (2017) demonstrated that the MCQ sub scale need for control was related to predisposition to hallucinations and the positive metacognitive beliefs and cognitive self consciousness subscales were associated with paranoid ideation.